• Rose Puerto

    Vice President, Marsh USA Inc. 

    Professor Rao, words cannot express my gratitude for what you have given me…your course ABSOLUTELY changed my life… I have been with my company (Marsh) nearly 8 years now and I'm certain that the longevity has to do with you and the course helping me SEE my work and my existence in a totally different perspective!...Just learning that there are many perspectives and I get to choose!!! So I chose the good one, the most beneficial one…this is a journey that goes on and on…I send much love

  • Matthew Weiss

    CEO of Weiss and Associates 

    Professor Rao's teachings are transformational. Intrigued by the promise of a happier way of life I started doing the exercises with a small group of peers. It changed the way I view the world. Am more content and fulfilled, much happier and have tools to handle adversity. I highly recommend Professor Rao.

  • Manu Aannd

    Manu Aannd

    MBA, Haas School of Business, 2008, Product Marketing, Adobe Systems Inc. 

    Thanks to CPM there are so many areas where I have experienced and am experiencing positive change. I have received tools that help me not sweat the small stuff and think more holistically about the big stuff. Thanks to the course and its amazing alumni network I have certainly become a more peaceful, patient, open and inclusive person. I know this sounds like a cliché but CPM has changed and moved me for the better.

  • Brandon Peele

    MBA 2004, Columbia Business School 

    I attribute 80% of my $120K MBA price tag to this one class…It changed my life in profound ways…Not many experiences have that power… Have a completely new outlook on life, happiness and self-worth…I am grateful that I have begun to rebuild my relationship with my mother as a consequence of the readings and teachings of this course…I will continue with the networking exercise forever…Am truly blessed and thankful for the cacophony of strange occurrences that led me to Columbia and to this course…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Dana Galin

    Dana Galin

    Founder, Defineum, 2007 

    Received countless powerful tools that support me in my commitment to living a fulfilling life…Thanks to CPM I am now part of a larger community of peers – intelligent, successful and motivated people who care about creating and living a life they love…met my business partner through CPM and the bonding is unbelievable on so many levels and her husband is a trusted and caring friend.

  • Aloke Roy

    MBA 2004 Columbia Business School 

    Have met some amazing people in this course…Today I think I have the feeling that magic and miracles are present and possible…This course helped me separate the "noise" of the unimportant from the important…For people like myself who are somewhat fearful, it seems liberating…I hope you all realize how much of a gift your life is.

  • Adam Klauber

    MPA 2004 Columbia, School of International and Public Affairs 

    CPM has been so much more than a class…want to thank Prof. Rao for unbelievable effort in reading assignments and making comments…you have created an amazing gift…CPM has served as a jumpstart for me to reconnect with my family…what I did now seems so simple but it eluded me for so long…look forward to many fulfilling interactions with class members in the future.

  • Jiri Pavlicek

    CEO of Aspironix 

    My first exposure to Srikumar Rao changed my life. His program led directly to the launching of my company and my present career path. I am more fulfilled now, personally and professionally, than I ever dreamed possible.

  • Alan Gassman

    Prominent Tax and Estate Planning Attorney 

    Dr. Rao's program affected every area of my life and greatly helped me in my business. I found it so useful that I took it again the next year and gained even more from it.

  • Andrew Potter

    Former CEO of National Car Parks 

    Every time I am at the top of my game I am using some concept I learned from Dr. Rao.

  • Dr. Asad Sadiq

    Consultant Psychiatrist, National Health Service, UK 

    I started to notice palpable changes in myself when I took Professor Rao's course. The powerful exercises have a cumulative effect and I find that I am more effective as a psychiatrist and a better husband and father as a result. I have also used the principles I learned to help my patients. I recommend Professor Rao's program highly and without hesitation.

  • Howard E Kaplan

    Howard E Kaplan

    Managing Director, MarketVenturePartners, LLC, MBA, Harvard Business School 1984 

    Extremely grateful to be a part of such an extraordinary class…will never be able to say “Thank You” enough times and in enough ways…CPM turned my life from one of regrets into a life full of possibilities…it wasn’t just a weekend of motivation but a very long lasting fix…the path CPM helped me self-discover over three years ago has even just recently resulted in….

    Doubling my businesses revenues even in a lousy economy Starting an amazing new business venture to work on my life long dreams Being asked to serve on a board of a major not-for-profit that involves one of my greatest passions Creating 30 new relationships over the last 6 months with leaders in two different fields Having my family tell me they have never been happier with our relationships Even the worst economy in 80 years couldn’t get in the way of what I discovered from CPM and Srikumar Rao…I have never been happier.