Dr. Rao’s program affected every area of my life and greatly helped me in my business. I found it so useful that I took it again the next year and gained even more from it.

My first exposure to Srikumar Rao changed my life. His program led directly to the launching of my company and my present career path. I am more fulfilled now, personally and professionally, than I ever dreamed possible.

Jiri Pavlicek

CEO of Aspironix

As the Learning Chair and Board Member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Boston Chapter, I talk to dozens of speakers every year in planning out our calendar. Many sound the same, but Srikumar Rao came to me with a referral from an acquaintance that was such a strong endorsement, it was hard to take seriously.

We booked Dr. Rao and he captivated the 100 or so entrepreneurs with his discussion of finding inner peace in a hectic world. He was funny, endearing and most of all, he left all of us with a perspective that will change our lives forever. Not to mention, he endured a hot, windy and noisy outdoor environment to deliver his message with a smile and grace. He’s a gentleman and a scholar. As promised, he delivered the highest rated event of the year in Boston. Thank you, Dr. Rao.

Extremely grateful to be a part of such an extraordinary class…will never be able to say “Thank You” enough times and in enough ways…CPM turned my life from one of regrets into a life full of possibilities…it wasn’t just a weekend of motivation but a very long lasting fix…the path CPM helped me self-discover over three years ago has even just recently resulted in doubling my businesses revenues even in a lousy economy; starting an amazing new business venture to work on my life long dreams; being asked to serve on a board of a major not-for-profit that involves one of my greatest passions; creating 30 new relationships over the last 6 months with leaders in two different fields; having my family tell me they have never been happier with our relationships. Even the worst economy in 80 years couldn’t get in the way of what I discovered from CPM and Srikumar Rao…I have never been happier.

There has been so much learning…the noise in my head on random topics has slowed down…days are more peaceful and productive…have powerful tools to use when I hit a stumbling block…the keys to my happiness rest with me…I am migrating from a life where patterns are predicated on past experiences and habits to a life where only possibilities exist. This is HUGE…the retreat experience was an incredible gift…CPM had a profound impact on me.

Can’t believe how much I have changed and improved…realized I look for answers outside instead of in…knew this before but was never sure what to do about it…now I have some real tools to make a change…I am no longer a victim of my own life…never thought I could be close to persons in CPM or open up…I was so wrong!…feel like a baby because I am changing so much, so quickly, every day…now have the tools I need to grow as a performer…the confidence to enter new situations without fear or self doubt

What a journey and yet it feels like the trip is just beginning…the videos were priceless…the retreat really rocked…Admittedly I entered skeptical but this has truly been one of those life highlights I will never forget…received so many pragmatic, powerful tools for leading a happier, more fulfilled life…can better manage others and prioritize tasks…