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Everything You “know” about stress is just plain wrong!! Part 1

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No, stress is NOT caused by your job or your spouse or the economy or the lack of World peace!

George exemplifies the executives I deal with daily. Here is his account of a recent day:
I knew it was going to be a bad day when my boss called me into his office. The bank still has loads of junk loans and has not yet marked them down. A major customer just sued claiming that securities he bought were mis-represented. My boss got to business right away and told me that there had to be massive “cost cutting”. I would have to let two of my senior executives go including Jennifer. And, even though it was profitable, my entire division could be shut down. It was not considered to be a “core” operation.
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Should I Keep Struggling or Throw in the Towel and Move on?

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A framework that helps you decide when to keep and it and when to give up

Aphorisms and proverbs sometimes pack powerful wisdom.  We are fond of quoting them and using them to guide our behavior or to explain it.

But have you noticed how many of them contradict each other?

We should “Look before we leap” but, unfortunately, “He who hesitates is lost.”

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You Don’t Die Because of Illness. You Die Because You Were Born!

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We are all on Death Row. Don’t bother about dying – think about whether you are living.

For many years I was in thrall to ‘some day.’

My wife and I are both tennis fanatics and regularly tune in to the Grand Slams and most of the Masters. We knew we would go to the French Open ‘some day.’

And Wimbledon.

And the Australian Open.

Last year a friend asked me when ‘some day’ would come.

I reflected and then bought tickets to the Men’s and Women’s semifinals and finals. I told my wife and she was able to re-arrange her schedule.

We went and had a grand time.

There is something we forget – we are all on an inexorable journey that will end with the obliteration of our individual ego.

The change is all around us but we try to ignore it. I vividly remember bringing my daughter home from the hospital. Her foot was half the size of my palm.

Now she is married and co-founder of a tech start-up in San Francisco.

I taught my son chess and he was amazed at how the pieces coordinated to produce winning combinations. Now he beats me routinely and is about to graduate from Columbia Law School.

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