“How to Eliminate Stress and Cultivate Extreme Resilience”

You can strive mightily while remaining as serene as a Zen monk

More persons report feeling more stress in their lives than ever before. This
is a global phenomenon and spreading rapidly. The feeling of physical and
emotional tension can, literally, kill you if you let it persist.

It saps the joy out of your life. It kills your productivity. It leaves you feeling
overwhelmed and scrambling to stay afloat.

Resilience is your ability to bounce back from adversity. Extreme resilience
is your ability to bounce back so fast that an external observer may not even
be aware that you have suffered a setback.

It is possible to greatly reduce the stress you feel and even to eliminate it
altogether. And, in parallel, to cultivate extreme resilience.

To do this you have to clearly see that everything you thought you knew
about stress is wrong.

Not just wrong, but dead wrong.

We believe that there is stress in our life because of a host of factors:
financial problems, relationship issues, business and career reverses,
troubled children, health concerns and so on.

In reality, the only reason we have stress in our lives is the rigid expectation
we have that our life will unfold in a particular manner. The universe
does no play ball with us and we resist and resent this.

And in that rejection, stress is born.

It is eminently possible to actively strive to shape the world in the
way we would like it to be and, simultaneously, be serene and
joyful. And you will also become more effective.

This happens when you become aware of mental models you hold
that are dysfunctional and nevertheless rule your world.

When you identify these models and make appropriate changes in
them, stress walks out of your life.

You become naturally resilient because hardly anything fazes you

This custom workshop helps you understand the process and gives
you the tools to implement it in your life.


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