How to Have a Terrific Day Every Day – Guaranteed.

How would you like to have a fantastic day, every day?

Of course you would.

But already the skeptical wheels are turning in your head because you know this is impossible. And you will read on because, while you know that every day cannot possibly be fantastic, maybe you will learn something that will make some days fantastic.

I was serious. Every day can be unbelievable if you can let go of a foolish belief that you have.

Let me explain.

I meet lots of people and talk to many more over the phone or Skype or Zoom.

I ask them how they are and get responses like ‘hanging in there’ and ‘can’t complain’ and ‘well, thank you’ and ‘okay.’

A rare few say ‘super’ or ‘fantastic’. More say ‘terrible’ or ‘could be better.’

I am now being deadly serious.

I will show you how you can have a terrific day, every day.

This is simple and you will understand how simple it is when I explain it.

It can also be ridiculously easy or fiendishly difficult depending on how open you are to accepting new ideas and implementing them in your life.

And, if you find that what I share with you today is useful, reply to this email to let me know.

Here is what you have to do to have a superlative day – today and every day.

When you wake up in the morning take a conscious, mindful decision that you are going to have a fantastic day.

Don’t laugh.

This really works.

The problem that most persons have is that they confuse having a terrific day with TWO things that have nothing to do with it.

But they never examine their beliefs about this and so get stuck in that erroneous thinking and they have terrible days as a result.

What is this erroneous thinking?

I will bet that you are also guilty of this.

You believe in two things. You believe that in order for you to have a terrific day:

  1. Stuff that you want should happen;
  2. And, stuff that you do not want, should not happen.

So you are all set to have a great day and your car does not start and when you finally get on the road somebody sideswipes you leaving a long scratch and a dent on your door and they do not stop so you do not get their license plate number and you are late for your meeting and the deal you were hoping to close has to be postponed and your prospect’s secretary does not book you another appointment because she or he says their boss is ‘thinking it over.’

So it is turning out to be a lousy day, right?

Only if you let it become lousy.

Lots of stuff happened. You would rather they did not happen. But they did.

Why compound the problem by releasing your intention of having a terrific day?

Think about it.

Feces will drop form the sky.

It always does. That is its nature.

When feces drops from the sky you have to put aside your plans and do some clean up work.

But that does NOT mean you cannot have a terrific day.

It simply means that there is some unexpected clean up that you have to put in your terrific day.

When unexpected, unwanted stuff happens, simply ask it, as if it were a person, “Am I going to let you steal my fantastic day away from me?”

If you can truly get into the habit of doing this, you will be surprised at how many of your days become marvelous.

And no.

This is not well meaning and impossible to heed pablum, unless you decide it is.

So try it now.


If you liked this piece and intend to do what I suggest, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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