How to Straighten Out your Life

We were in Paris this summer and my wife, being a big Monet fan, dragged me to Giverny. Monet was one of those rare painters who actually made enough money during his lifetime to live a comfortable, even luxurious, life.

Here is what his estate in Giverny looks like and this is a tiny part of it:

TRI Blog Image

Certainly conducive to peaceful thoughts isn’t it?

My wife tries to recreate this atmosphere and I am grateful for this. Here is a picture of a part of my backyard:

TRI Blog 2

I was under the impression that a beautiful garden like this just happens. You kinda wish it into being.

Last week my wife asked me to help her spread mulch around the flowerbeds. And she asked me to help her weed before that.

I found out that gardens DON’T just happen. And I was sweating profusely within 20 minutes and fled precipitously indoor after another half hour because I had important phone calls to make.

Think about this.

Your mind is the most fertile garden that you will ever see. It WILL bring forth.

Whether it becomes a picturesque Eden or an overgrown mess depends on how conscientiously you do the weeding. The unfortunate part is that, because the soil is so incredibly fertile, the weeds grow fast and in profusion along with the crops and flowers you want.

Watch your mind as you go through the day:

You catch sight of Forbes – the 400 issue – on the newsstand and go Why can’t I be as rich as that?

You spy a really good-looking woman and wonder Is she married? And momentarily forget that you are.

Your boss criticizes your last report and you mentally consign her to Gitmo or, even better, a rendition camp in Poland.

Weeds, weeds, weeds.

Thousands of them spring up every day and you are not even aware of them. And, because of this, they take root and grow big.

This is where and how your many addictions originate.

If you are ruthlessly diligent about the weeding, you absolutely will create a splendid garden.

Just try it for one day and see what a difference it makes.