Creativity and Personal Mastery is a booster rocket that will lift your career to a trajectory that you cannot even conceive. It will improve every aspect of your life – personal, professional, spiritual and civic. Your relationships will flourish and new ones will develop. There will be markedly less stress in your life. Serendipitous good fortune will stalk you.


Creativity and Personal Mastery Live Program: New York

What is CPM all about: The thesis of this program is simple. Life is short and uncertain. It is like a drop of water skittering around on a lotus leaf. You never know when it will drop off the edge and disappear. So each day is far too precious to waste. And each day that you are not radiantly alive and brimming with cheer is a day wasted.

Stop right now and evaluate your life. YOUR LIFE. As it is right now. Are you, by and large and daily variations aside, happier now than you have ever been? Do you have the inner conviction that you are on the path that is just right for you, the one that is transparently leading you to fulfillment in many dimensions – in your career, in relationships, in spiritual development?

If the answer is, NO, ask yourself WHY NOT? The first step to getting there is to refuse to accept anything less.

This program is designed to be that first step for you.

What are the benefits? Innumerable participants have attested to the life-changing nature of this approach. To hear from them in their own words go to the CPM Institute website and read their testimonials.

Be aware that while practically everyone has benefited to some extent, not everyone has had similar epiphanies. Later sections of the syllabus address this in greater detail.

I expect this program to have a profound impact on your life. It will have such an impact if you are ‘ready’ and totally dedicate yourself to it.

Here is a good heuristic for judging if you are ‘ready’. Read the entire syllabus carefully. If you are not so strongly drawn to it that you would disrupt your life considerably to take this program, don’t take it.

Is this right for me? This is a tough one. Only you can answer it. The proviso in the previous section was not added as a clever mechanism to get me off the hook for over promising. It just happens to be the way it is. The program can indeed turn your life around in myriad, marvellous ways, but only if you are ‘ready’ and if you put in the requisite effort. There is no substitute for getting into the trenches and actually engaging actively with the concepts you will be exposed to.

Objectives: CPM has four principal objectives:

  1. To expose you to a wide variety of techniques and exercises that have been found to be helpful in sparking the creative process; to help you select those that best fit your personality and apply them to many different business and personal situations.
  2. To help you discover your “purpose in life”, the grand design that gives meaning to all of your activities; to help you find that to which you can enthusiastically devote the rest of your life. When you are moved by deep inner conviction is when you have the greatest opportunity to sway others, in short to become a “leader”.
  3. To show you how you can mobilize resources to reach your goals most efficiently. There is a non-linear relationship between “work” and “results”. Immense exertion can produce little outcome and, at other times, a little effort can yield a huge payoff. If you have an open mind you can learn to create serendipitous opportunities.
  4. To enable you to find and achieve the balance in life that is right for you. Stress levels are rising in our society across all ages and occupations. It little profits you to achieve any goal if you are a nervous wreck during or after. There are always trade-offs between accomplishments and price paid but they are not necessarily obvious. It is important to learn how to strive mightily while remaining serene.

Remember: The Creativity and Personal Mastery Program is designed to help you make a profound      change in your life.

The in-person course is not for everybody. It depends on you. Please schedule a time to speak with     one of us to decide if this or the online course would be the best match.

Dates for the New York class vary. Please contact us for upcoming opportunities to join. The     course requires your participation in three (3) in-person weekends in Long Island.

Times: We will have dinner at 6pm and a working session from 7pm to 9pm on the first evening. On Days 2 & 3 we have breakfast at 8am and class will start at 9am. We will wrap up Day 3 at around 4pm. Meals are included in the cost of your accommodations.

Venue:  Glen Cove Manion in Glen Cove, NY (Long Island)

Accommodations Package:

You should budget approximately $1900 for your hotel, ground transportation to and from Glen Cove Mansion, and any outside meals for the duration of the course (3 weekends). Meals are included in your accomodation at Glen Cove Mansion.

Registration and Acceptance

If you are ready to apply, please contact us to discuss tuition and logistics.

If you have any questions about CPM, please contact:

Janelle Light at

Srikumar S. Rao at