meaning in life

There is NO Meaning and NO Why!!

I have been making this compromise. So have you.

In the manifesto for my program, I state that you should enroll if you wish to discover ‘meaning’ in your life.

Lots of participants come to Creativity and Personal Mastery because they see I am passionate about what I do and want to discover similar passion in their lives.

I paint a vivid picture in the manifesto of how you wake up every morning brimming with good cheer and vibrantly alive. Of how your life is full of ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’ and how enrolling in my program is a good first step towards getting there.

This is ‘true’ and countless individuals find that the spark has come back into their lives after they took my program.

Today, as we countdown to a new year, I would like to go deeper.

discover meaning

The very quest for ‘meaning’ is a delusion.

There is a belief that I can ‘find’ something or adopt an attitude or way of looking at something and thereby become energized and happy.

This is a false belief. And even the notion that there is an ‘I’ that needs to be happy and fulfilled is a delusion.

We bring our grasping, acquisitive minds to this quest and each time we reiterate our desire to find ‘meaning’ we implant in our mind that we are currently leading a ‘meaningless’ life.

I have been doing this for decades. So have you.

Life is. It has always been and will always be.


You DO NOT ‘discover’ meaning. It discovers you.

As long as you do something to get or be something else, you are trapped in the spider web of delusion and getting sucked deeper into the illusion of despair.

Thus, if you meditate to calm your mind and relieve tension, you are stuck. If you meditate because you would like to be enlightened, you are stuck.

The only way out is to meditate because you meditate.

Remember, the purpose of washing dishes is not to get them clean.

The purpose of washing dishes is to wash the dishes.

If you find this dense and difficult to get your arms across, I don’t blame you. After many decades I am just beginning to understand this.

But do play around with this idea as you would roll an oversize bit of candy in your mouth.

The candy will dissolve and become pleasurable.

And you will understand what I have just put down.

And it will make total sense.

I wish you a terrific 2018 in every way.