The Reading List for CPM includes a handful of required books we will cite and discuss in the CPM course.

I have also assembled a highly personal and idiosyncratic list of suggested readings spanning various fields: creativity, business, spirituality, physics and the like.

The books are organized in groups with a brief introduction to the group itself. Skim through many books in each of the groups. Read introductions, summaries and tables of content. Let your interests and inclinations guide you. Follow your intuition. If you do not feel a sense of breathless excitement, drop the book and explore another.

As more and more people have sought out CPM I have become more selective about admittance, I actively seek persons who resonate with the views expressed in the Manifesto and Reading LIst. If this is you, reach out without delay. This is the universe nudging you.


Email me at with a description of what moved you.