Stop right now and evaluate your life.


As it is right now. Are you, by and large, happier now than you have ever been? Do you have the inner conviction that you are on the path that is just right for you, the one that is transparently leading you to fulfillment in many dimensions – in your career, in relationships, in spiritual development?

If the answer is, NO, ask yourself WHY NOT?

The first step to getting there is to refuse to accept anything less.

This program is designed to be that first step for you, and includes these key objectives:

  • Discover the inner blocks to happiness and fulfillment which hold all of us back
  • Experience how releasing these blocks enables you to spring forward
  • Reclaim your innate confidence, your joy in life
  • Learn how to eliminate stress and the vortexes of thought that suck you into dark places
  • Build a personal suite of techniques which liberate and empower
  • Go on to inspire your colleagues, your workforce, the world

CPM is offered two ways: Online and in person.

Which one is right for you depends on your life situation, ability to travel, budget and preferences about style of learning and degree of interaction with the instructor and fellow participants.