The Mauryan emperor Chandragupta had Chanakya, Alexander had Aristotle and Don Corleone had Tom Hagen.

‘Coach’ or ‘Counselor’ are narrow straight jackets to describe their role.

Think of them as Friend, Philosopher and Guide.

They were sounding boards to bounce ideas off, calming influences when tempers ran high and perspicacious advisers who warned of potential, hidden dangers.

The persons they mentored would likely not have risen to the eminences they did without their sage advice.

Friend, philosopher and guide is my approach to working with accomplished individuals.

I have worked with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and corporate executives to help them achieve inner awareness, develop a real understanding of who they are and what they want, and harness that understanding to pursue their vision and reach lofty goals.

I work exclusively with persons who have a compatible worldview and a holistic understanding of life and what makes for a good one.