“Give me a day and I’ll change your life forever.”

– Srikumar Rao


“You think differently. You feel fearless and assured. You radiate confidence.”

That’s quite a promise, isn’t it?

But let me explain …

What you do determines whether you succeed or fail in any endeavour. But what you do starts with your attitude to what you do – how you feel and think.

My programs are unique because they inspire you to feel and think in an entirely different way.

Spend just one day of your life with me and you emerge with an infinitely more positive, determined attitude.

I imbue you with Extreme Resilience. Not just the ability to bounce back from setbacks, but to do so with alacrity and aplomb.

Obstacles that thwart you vanish.

Misfortunes are brushed aside. Nothing dismays you. Your belief in yourself – what you can do and what you can’t, how you feel about success and failure – they all change for the better.

How Do I Do It?

That is what distinguishes my programs from anything you have ever experienced.

Again, hard to believe. But they set me apart from any other business school professor in the world. And explain why I’m the only one in America with his own Alumni association.

You may see these as startling, even outrageous claims but turn this page now – and see how others confirm their truth.

Have We Met Before?

We may never have met face to face. But it is possible you have come across me in many media – including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, the London Times, Fortune, Forbes and Business Week.

I’ve taught at Columbia Business School, London Business School, the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Imperial College, London and the Haas School of Management at the University of California at Berkeley.

I’ve also written two international bestselling books (Are YOU Ready to Succeed and Happiness at Work) and created a popular audio program: The Personal Mastery Program.

And my talks are hosted on many sites including TED and Inc.com.

In addition I’ve worked with, or for, household names like Warner Communications, Continental Group, RCA, Citicorp, Pan Am, McGraw-Hill and Diner’s Club.

I’ve created and run workshops for Microsoft, Google, Merrill Lynch, McDonald’s, Chubb, IBM, AT&T, Accenture, Yahoo, Johnson & Johnson and dozens of other companies.

How Does My Approach Differ?

This is not the place to fully explain something highly complicated involving the interplay of intellect and emotions. But it is the place to explain to you why my approach is so utterly different.

You and I are the product of our heritage – our lives and education. Mine has been out of the ordinary.

I was born and educated in India before coming to the US, where I studied further.

My studies were unusual. This led to a rather unusual way of thinking.

I’ve earned:

A degree in Physics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University
An MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
A Ph.D. in Marketing from the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University

Academic knowledge combined with an understanding of Eastern philosophy and meditation creates a unique way of looking at life.

And that is what obsesses me: what holds you back – and how to overcome it.

As you will see if you turn to the back page, many highly intelligent, talented and successful people know I can give you the answers.

You cannot change the world. But you can change how it impinges on you.

Invest just one day and I’ll show you how to:

Be happy – no matter what the challenge
Be resilient – bounce back come what may
Completely eradicate crippling stress from your life
Lead and inspire others to achieve more than they thought possible
Build a network of deep, lasting valuable relationships, effortlessly

Which of these 5 presentations would benefit you most?

    How to be happy

    We all yearn for happiness. Everything we do – our quest for fame and fortune, for fulfilling relationships, our drive to build or change things – is in search of happiness.

    We may briefly achieve it. But suddenly it seems to vanish and we scurry off, seeking something that will bring it back to us.

    I will explain what really leads to
    happiness …

    … how to greatly increase the pure joy life offers …

    … and how to change the way we think and feel to do so.

    How to be resilient

    When things go wrong do you waste time in fruitless self-recrimination and blaming others?

    Do you go on pointless guilt trips and make excuses you know are fatuous?

    We are all tempted to; and the solution is to become resilient. To cultivate your ability to recover from adversity. It is a vital skill.

    Leadership programs talk about its importance and how to cultivate it.

    In this extraordinary presentation I reveal the secret of extreme resilience. A quality that enables you to recover so fast that an outsider would not realize you were laid low at all. You forget it yourself.

    How to completely, totally, utterly eradicate stress from your life

    I have worked with thousands of executives and entrepreneurs all over the world. All felt stress. Yet few realize there’s a single cause. A yearning for the universe to behave the way you want. But it won’t cooperate.

    It’s possible – in fact necessary – for you to relinquish your need to control. And in this presentation, I teach you several strategies to do this.

    Paradoxically, once you do so, the probability you’ll reach the outcome you want increases.

    How to be an inspiring leader

    Whenever I ask a group who wants to be an inspiring leader there’s always a sea of raised arms. But wanting to be an inspiring leader is counter-productive. Digging down, it simply reflects your desire to have others do what you want.

    Let me explain why becoming an inspiring leader is not an aspirational goal – it’s a by-product.

    You must be inspired by a grand vision.

    One that sees a greater good for a greater community. That calls you so strongly you’ll gladly devote a big chunk of your life to it.

    When you are so inspired and communicate it, everyone you meet can’t help but be inspired by you. That is the secret to being an inspiring leader. But there is so much more I can tell you.

    How to effortlessly build a network of deep long-lasting relationships

    Contacts are essential. Every businessman, stockbroker, lawyer, lobbyist and politician knows it. Countless books, programs and seminars purport to show you how to network.

    But I don’t think you should cultivate people because of their position and help they might give you. I question its ethics and honesty. It’s not worth the enormous time you invest.

    You need a system where you don’t build a network. Where when you need help, the person with what you need appears.

    What must you do to make this happen?

    First, whatever you’re trying to accomplish must bring material and spiritual good to a larger community. And you must learn to let go – relinquish the need to be in control.

    When you have the right mix you’ll be amazed how locked doors mysteriously swing open. How – every time – the cavalry shows up to your rescue.

    Invite me to share practical steps with your team.


What Others Say …

I have been a top-performing Master Chair at Vistage International for over 20 years, having invited and assessed nearly 200 speakers in that time frame.
As soon as I heard glowing endorsements about Dr. Rao from other high performing Chairs, I immediately asked him to come to my groups. Following those presentations, several Vistage members said Dr. Rao was one of the top few speakers they had heard in their ten plus years of meetings.
After working as a group to practice his teachings, everyone couldn’t wait to implement his ideas into their lives and businesses. I can say that I personally was able to put both my business leadership and my marriage on a new plane overnight and this has changed my life forever.

Bill Buxton, Master Chair, North Carolina Vistage International
Dr. Rao’s talk to my group was incredibly well received and I am very grateful to him. I gathered a group of my most important contacts consisting mainly of entrepreneurs, CEO’s, VC’s and corporate lawyers for a lunch to hear Dr. Rao speak. I can tell you the feedback I received was 100% positive. He had our whole group captivated from the beginning and held everyone’s attention the whole time. His stories and method of communication were enthralling. Everyone said the hour flew by and they wanted more.
He totally inspired my network and I know many people that attended are seeking an opportunity to hear and work with Dr. Rao. It was an incredible success and a home run in my effort to add value to my network. Thanks so much, Dr. Rao!

Andy Hess
Principal, Financial Advisor
Bernstein Global Wealth Management
We booked Dr. Rao and he captivated the 100 or so entrepreneurs with his discussion of finding inner peace in a hectic world. He was funny, endearing and most of all, he left all of us with a perspective that will change our lives forever.
Dave Will, EO Boston Board Member and Learning Chair. Co-Founder and CEO of PropFuel
Thank you again for creating a life changing event for EO Boston. I would without reservation, recommend your program for any individual or group looking to have a truly life changing moment.
Mark G. Worster, President, EO Boston
What a phenomenal presentation by Dr. Rao which will have a significant impact on anyone fortunate enough to be in the room!
Larry Hart, Master Chair, Vistage International
Dr. Rao was outstanding. Several YPO Gold members considered him to be one of the best speakers they have ever heard. Some, who missed the talk, were so amazed at the reactions of those who attended that they reached out to him afterwards. The principles, concepts and exercises that Dr. Rao shared can be life changing. Dr. Rao’s talk was an extraordinarily worthwhile event. And also a highly entertaining one.
John Meyerowitz, YPO LI Business Breakfast Co-Chair 2016-17
We were fortunate to have Dr. Rao as our resource speaker for my Vistage CEO board meeting this month. While Dr. Rao is a well-known professor and speaker, he is new to Vistage, and what a wonderful addition. In his workshop, he invites us to examine our mindset and create a new reality and gives us practical tools for doing so.
He received all 5’s from our members, rare for my group. I’ve seen all 5’s maybe half a dozen times in my 12 years as a Vistage Master Chair. One member with 15+ years said Dr. Rao was the best speaker he has had in Vistage. You can’t go wrong booking him for your team.

Elisa K Spain, Leadership Coach & Vistage Master Chair; Vistage Chair Excellence, Master Chair and Star Award Winner
Dr. Srikumar Rao stands alone as a teacher, both to me and to the CEOs with whom I work. He offers the most thoughtful, most life-affirming teaching to the most effective business leaders — and lifts their performance and enjoyment in life to previously unimagined heights. He has done
this for me and he has done this for CEOs who — like me — thought mastery had already been attained. With Dr. Rao’s teaching, mastery is achieved at a new level. I see his gift in my CEO colleagues — and in their continuing decision to train with Dr. Rao in his programs in New York.

Artie Isaac, Vistage Master Chair, Columbus, OH
I can say that Dr. Rao’s workshop is among the most valuable learning events you can attend.
Mike Fritz, Chief Executive Officer, DWFritz Automation
He had our whole group captivated from the beginning and held everyone’s attention the whole time. His stories and method of communication were enthralling.
Andy Hess, Senior Wealth Manager, AllianceBernstein
I wanted to let you know that we have received dozens and dozens of positive responses to your talk. People were so inspired by you and everyone was so thankful that they could hear you and learn from your wisdom and experience. It was a great honor for the Montessori movement that you came to our congress.
Mirka Vlckova, Montessori Congress

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Meet Srikumar Rao

Dr. Srikumar Rao has been called “the Business Buddha” and the “Happiness Guru” and has engaged and inspired audiences around the world, including at leading corporations, professional associations, non-profit organizations and industry groups.

The best-selling author of Happiness at Work and Are You Ready to Succeed?, Dr. Rao focuses on helping people become more resilient, motivated and successful in business and in life.

To discuss what you may need, please contact us below.