What Spiritual Lesson Can A Baby Teach You?

We have an insidious habit that plays havoc in our lives.

We don’t recognize that we have this habit.

In fact, we may even consider it a virtue.

Curious? Read on …

Many speakers say that we should pay attention to everyone who crosses our path because each person is unique and each person can teach us something if we are only open and receptive.


Today I would like to you to consider what you can learn from a baby.

And this is a lesson that will instantly improve your life.

Consider Susan:

It was a crowded party and Susan tried her best to avoid Denise, but some interfering busybody grabbed her hand and introduced her to Amanda who, of course, was Denise’s friend and promptly called her over.

Susan and Denise had gone to the same school. They were even friends of a sort.

But then Susan ran for class president and was promptly attacked for being ‘too cozy’ with the administration. It was alleged that she coordinated her campaign with the principal and obtained unfair advantage.

Denise did not back her up. In fact, she campaigned for Susan’s opponent.

They had words. And they never spoke again.

And now Denise was looking inquiringly at Susan. “How are you doing,” she asked.

“Well enough now that I don’t have any traitors in my camp,” she returned tartly.

There was another unpleasant surprise waiting for her the next day.

Susan had just been hired at a new company and it turned out that Denise was her boss.

She wondered if she should quit before she was fired.

She could have cried.

We carry around our hurts and resentments and grievances and feelings of being slighted. This is a rock on our heads and it weighs heavy.

I know a few people who take pride in ‘never forgetting’ that they had been ‘wronged’ by someone and they consider this strength. They also look to ‘get even.’

They are stuck in the past. And, every so often, as happened to Susan, that past will bite you on the nose if you don’t let go of it.

What does all this have to do with babies?

Look at a baby happily gurgling as he drinks from his bottle.

Now take the bottle away.

His face becomes red as he wails mightily and waves his hands and feet in frustration.
Now give him the bottle back.

In seconds he is back to drinking and gurgling happily.

The baby has experienced anger and frustration to its fullest extent and then he lets it go!

The problem with us is that we are pretty good at doing the ‘experiencing’ but lousy at the ‘letting it go’.

Think of the interactions you have with the persons in your life. The ghosts of what happened in the past are always there coloring your views and attitudes and expectations.

You are stuck in the past and you mentally imprison the other person as well by being so.

Try to put your rock down.

Let it go!